In his Farewell Address to Congress and an adoring American public, the great General and President George Washington uses the occasion to advise America on how to secure its future happiness and prosperity. Washington’s prescient warnings come from his extensive knowledge of history. His wise and prophetic advice includes: ere of the formation of political parties.

  • Maintain religion and morality as supports of a free people.
  • Beware of the formation of political parties.
  • Avoid alliances & foreign military entanglements.
  • Balance the Federal Budget and avoid state debt.
  • Keep the government’s spending and taxes low.
  • Do not weaken the U.S. Constitution with amendments.
  • Do not allow sectional differences to divide the Union. (10)


In Europe, the early New World Order/Red crime gang is already in operation. Eventually, the Globalists will attack America (and the world) in each area that Washington warned about.


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