【本傑明·富爾福德】 2018年1月15日 新聞快訊

Thursday, January 18, 2018

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2018年1月15日 新聞快訊

Tensions rise between bloodlines and Illuminati as final showdown looms for U.S. corporate government
Benjamin Fulford, 15 January, 2018
美企政府最後攤牌迫在眉睫 血系和光明會緊張關係升級
本傑明·富爾福德 2018年1月15日 新聞快訊

Global tensions are rising visibly, as the petrodollar-funded U.S. corporate government faces a January 18th start of gold-backed yuan-denominated oil trading, even while its still-unfunded January 31st payment deadline looms.


One sign of this extreme tension came last week when 「a missile from a cabal submarine was stopped from hitting Hawaii and the submarine was sunk,」 Pentagon sources say.  Media outlets around the world have reported that Hawaiian residents all received the following warning on their mobile phones:  「BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII, SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER, THIS IS NOT A DRILL,」 but later this was reported to be a false alarm.  It was not—it was an attempt by 「the cabal」 to blame the attack on North Korea and use it as a trigger for their long-desired World War III, CIA sources say.


The attack was followed by an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity which 「may be an attack on potential submarine bases in Chile, Peru, Papua, New Guinea, or underwater,」 the Pentagon sources continue.  U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency official Paul Laine has previously told this writer that numerous underwater bases exist.  These bases now appear to be under systematic attack.

五角大樓繼續說,在襲擊之後,地震和火山活動增加了,「可能是對智利、秘魯、巴布亞新幾內亞或水下潛水艇基地的攻擊」。美國國防情報局官員保羅·萊恩(Paul Laine)此前曾對本筆者說,許多水下基地是存在的。而現在這些秘密基地似乎受到了系統性的攻擊。

Meanwhile, as this report was being written, a person claiming to be 「His Excellency His Royal Highness (H.E. HRH) Ernest Rauthschild, Royal Prime Minister of The United States of North America」 contacted this writer to claim, 「The Federal U.S./USA comes under the USNA.」  He went on to state that 「the galactics」 were now arriving to enforce his claim.  He provided extensive documentation to back his claims, to which we have linked below without comment other than to note that the address provided is just a virtual office in Washington, DC.

與此同時,當此篇報導出爐的時候,一個自稱「尊貴的殿下-歐內斯特.羅斯柴爾德(Ernest Rauthschild),北美州的皇家總理」的人士聯繫了本筆者,聲稱「聯邦美國/亞美利堅合眾國是USNA的天下。」他說,「銀河族裔」現在來執行他的要求。他提供了大量的文件來支持他的主張,我們在下面鏈接了他的聲明,但不作評論,只是指出所提供的地址乃華盛頓特區的一個虛擬辦公室。


In any case, 「galactics」 and 「underwater bases」 aside, there is plenty happening in the visible, here and now geopolitical sphere.  Last week this was especially evident in the tension between the U.S. military government represented by Donald Trump and much of the rest of the world.


Pentagon sources say, 「The war against cabal soldiers MS-13 [the Salvadoran gang] escalates as Trump arrested MS-13 leaders in the northeastern United States, ends temporary protective status for 200,000 Salvadorans, and may do the same for 60,000 Hondurans.」

五角大樓消息說,「在美國東北部,特朗普逮捕了MS-13的領導人後,對陰謀集團的戰爭(薩爾瓦多幫派-The Salvadoran Gang)升級,結束了20萬名薩爾瓦多幫夥的臨時保護狀態,並可能對6萬名洪都拉斯幫派採取同樣的行動。」

In addition, 「Trump seized all classified incriminating documents from the Obama Presidential Library to help the Department of Justice take down the entire Obama regime,」 the sources continue.


「After the Saudi and U.S. purge, the EU purge begins with the death of globalist [Former EU Commissioner and Goldman Sachs Chairman] Peter Sutherland,」 they continue.

他們繼續表示,「在沙地和美國的清洗之後,歐盟的清洗,開始於全球主義者【前歐盟專員和高盛董事長】彼得•薩瑟蘭(Peter Sutherland)的掛掉。」

The sources also say that 「Trump is snubbing sh#thole London as he goes to Davos for a victory lap.」


However, it is clear that any 「victory lap」 would be highly premature. Both CIA sources in Asia as well as Rothschild family sources in the U.S. say that in March…
「is the beginning of the great financial unwind.」


The CIA source explained as follows: 「The Dow Jones will most likely reach 30,000 by mid-March. This is the number needed to have totally drained all the remaining liquid assets of the people. An EVENT will occur, the plug will be pulled, and the collapse will be put in motion. This will be the ripple that turns into a global tsunami… this is their current plan.」 The source added, 「What comes after the plug is pulled sometime in March is that the gold-backed currency in which Russia, China, India, and Indonesia are involved together will come online.」


This CIA source also points out that the Trump regime’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation 「opens a very big can of worms globally,」 because so many foreign governments have donated to it.



There can be no doubt that the Clinton Foundation was guilty of mass embezzlement, especially concerning Haiti. We were informed by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency at the time of the Haiti earthquake and tsunami that it was caused by nuclear weapons placed on the seabed by a cabal submarine. The ongoing FBI investigation of the Foundation will ultimately lead to this fact, and from there it will lead to the similar attack on Fukushima on March 11, 2011.


However, to show how convoluted this all is, thoroughly documented evidence shows that the trail from Fukushima will lead to the P2 Freemason lodge and the very people at Davos where Trump will be taking his 「victory lap.」


Also, our Pentagon source sent the following statements which we will convey to our readers verbatim: 「The term ‘shithole’ may soon be used for sanctuary cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and countries like the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, and any white country that has been ‘shitholed’ by blacks and Muslims, and then on to Israel for its crimes and terrorism.」


Furthermore, the source continued, 「Trump may censure the Queen and morally bankrupt royals for promoting black-white race mixing to genocide the white race with the nuptials of bastard Harry and half-Negro Meghan Markle, while Andrew, who has been flying with Jeff Epstein to Lolita Island, may top the list of EU pedophiles.」

此外,來源繼續道,「特朗普可能指責英女王和道德破產的皇室成員,讓混蛋哈利王子和有一半黑人血統的梅根·馬爾克爾(Meghan Markle)成婚,促進黑白混血以滅絕白種人。而安德魯王子(Prince Andrew)與傑夫.愛潑斯坦(Jeff Epstein)一同飛往洛麗塔島的事件,可能在歐盟戀童癖名單上名列前茅。」

This statement no doubt reflects widespread views among many Europeans and European Americans. This sort of view has festered in the background as a result of years of excessive political correctness that has stifled real debate about connections between things like race, ethnicity, crime, and social achievement. For example, it is a fact that crime rates are far higher in certain neighborhoods populated almost exclusively by African-Americans than in areas populated by European-Americans.


To pretend this is not true, or to blame it on historical injustice is not going to solve the problem.
At the same time, blindly attacking Trump as being racist (according to some) for referring to African 「shithole countries」 ignores the fact that Africa remains overwhelmingly poor and underdeveloped compared to the rest of the world.



Furthermore, my African and African-American friends have reported that there is as much or more racism against them in Asia as they have ever experienced in European countries, so it would be over-simplifying to label this problem as 「white supremacism.」


As Asian and Western countries negotiate a more inclusive world, the problem of Africa needs to be looked at honestly. Most likely, if the Africans were paid a fair price for their resources, they would, like the Saudis, experience extremely rapid development and modernization.


In any case, to reopen this debate in a more constructive manner, I would like to use the example of tomatoes. There are mini-tomatoes and giant tomatoes and orange-colored tomatoes, so clearly there are genetic differences. At the same time, if you take two genetically identical tomatoes and plant one in ideal conditions of sunlight, fertilizer, etc., you get a huge plant with hundreds of tomatoes on it. Take the same seed and put it in very poor conditions, and you get a stunted plant that produces a single tomato. So my view is that before people discuss genes and racism, they should make sure that each human on earth has an environment that allows them to flourish to the greatest extent possible.


In England in the past, there were prostitutes who bore many children from various fathers. These 「bastards」 would grow up in impoverished circumstances and become part of a self-perpetuating underclass of criminals and whores. In England, this underclass was largely abolished through many measures such as workhouses, bans on prostitution, etc. Perhaps Donald Trump, to avoid charges of racism, could ask hard-working middle-class African-Americans to deal in a similar manner with the similar ghetto underclass (many of whom are genetically 70% or more European in ancestry) that now is responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime in the U.S.


We realize we have opened a can of worms here with these preliminary ramblings, but sometimes putting a lid on controversial things will not lead to a solution, and this sort of debate has been stifled for too long.


In any case, getting back to the geopolitical situation, we can see our source in the U.S. military government calling out the UK, France, Germany, and Sweden as enemies. That makes us wonder exactly what friends they still have.


The answer may be provided by the U.S.’ closest friend and neighbor, Canada. Canada’s government has called a meeting of 20 or so countries in Vancouver this week to 「discuss North Korea.」 These include England, the U.S., France, Germany, India, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and other countries that fought against North Korea, China, and Russia during the Korean War. Nonetheless, North Korea is just a cover story. The countries gathering are really talking about China and their imminent plans for a gold-backed currency to replace the Western U.S. dollar, Euro, and Japanese yen system.


Canada, unlike the U.S., has been very successful in getting people from all over the world and all sorts of ethnic/cultural/racial backgrounds to live and work together successfully and in harmony. It may well be that the real discussion in Vancouver this week will be about who or what will replace the soon-to-be-bankrupt corporate U.S. government and what their negotiation stance will be with Chinese and their allies.



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