【本傑明·富爾福德】 2017年2月6日 新聞快訊

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

【本傑明·富爾福德】 2017年2月6日 新聞快訊

The long awaited arrests of cabailsts are supposed to start this week
Benjamin Fulford, 6 Febuary, 2017
本傑明·富爾福德 2017年2月6日 新聞快訊

Multiple sources confirm that about 70 arrest warrants will be served on power brokers and politicians in Washinton DC, Virginia and New York this week shortly after Jeff Sessions is confirmed as US Attorney General. Among those to be arrested are Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer, Richard Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton’s vice-president pick Tim Kaine, Pentagon sources say. These arrests will follow 474 arrests that took place in California last week as a pedophile ring that served Hollywood and West Coast elites was taken down. It is interesting to note the California arrests were only reported by local news outlets and completely ignored by the big corporate networks.

根據五角大樓和多個消息管道證實,美國參議員傑夫·塞申斯(Jeff Sessions)確認出任總檢察長一職後不久,發出約70個逮捕令,捉拿華盛頓特區、弗吉尼亞州和紐約的權力經紀人和政治家,名單包括民主黨參議員查克·舒默(Chuck Schumer)、理查德·布盧門塔爾(Richard Blumenthal)和希拉莉的副總統人選蒂姆·凱恩(Tim Kaine)。在上週,加利福尼亞共進行了474次逮捕行動,作為服務好萊塢和西海岸精英的戀童癖圈被消滅了。有趣的是,加州的逮捕只有當地的新聞媒體作出報導,而大型媒體公司卻選擇無視。


Former US President Bill Clinton is also reported to be 「singing like a canary」 and has provided evidence that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton and many others, Pentagon sources say. Here is what a Pentagon source had to say on the matter 「Hillary is toast as Obama refused to pardon, Bill snitched on her, and her prosecution has been ordered by Trump.」 There are credible tabloid news reports that Hillary was caught trying to flee to Bahrain and stopped.



There are also preliminary reports saying a raid was made on Jeffrey Epsteins’ Caribbean sex slave Island and that 32 kids were freed and 8 traffickers were arrested.

還有根據初步的報告說,杰弗里·埃斯特斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的加勒比性奴隸島已被當局壓制,一共救出32名孩子,並逮捕8名人肉販。


There is also going to be a more hidden and brutal power struggle going on in the secret agencies as 「CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel was chosen to rendition to black sites and torture cabal, drug cartel and ISIS guys,」 a Pentagon source says.

一名五角大樓消息人士說,在秘密機構中,還有一個更加隱蔽和殘酷的權力鬥爭,「中情局副總監吉娜.哈絲貝爾(Gina Haspel)棄暗投明,轉作陰謀集團、酷刑、毒梟和ISIS的污點證人。還有,在梵蒂岡內發生了高級別的內部陰謀,這些事件已被大眾媒體以新聞形式廣泛報導,為了避免「爭議」,教皇弗朗西斯炒掉了馬耳他騎士大師馬修·費斯汀(Mathew Festing)。


If you look at the membership list of the Knights of Malta,



it reads like a who’s who of the globalist elite full of names like Rockefeller, Bush, Rothschild etc. so you can tell that this is about more than just 「condoms.」In fact, according to sources in the Vatican Secret Service, what really happened was that the Knights of Malta’s top brass were caught.


「in New York working on taking over the global financial system without Pope Francis’ OK and the Vatican Secret Service discovered this dirty game.」In other words, efforts to yet again fraudulently create countless trillions of dollars on a part of some of the old bloodline families were thwarted, the Vatican sources say.


Now there are high level negotiations continuing between Russia, China and the US over the future of the financial system, the sources say. The British, Germans and the Israelis are also involved, they say. Sources involved in the negotiations are saying that the people behind Trump want 50% control of the new financial system as a price for not going after the old bloodline families. The Asians are also now also insisting on 50% while the Russians, for their part, are asking for 33%.


So, who has the strongest position in this world power poker game? The short answer is that without Russia on its side, the US is now weaker than China. However, China, though stronger than the US plus Russia economically, would lose militarily to a US/Russian alliance. So you get the picture, Russia now holds the casting vote which is why the Trump regime has stopped demonizing Russia and instead started sucking up to it. With this in mind and to mix metaphors, let us take another look at the world geopolitical chessboard and see how things stand.


The first thing we can confirm from sources in the gnostic illuminati and elsewhere is that an agreement has been reached not to use nuclear weapons. In other words, this will be settled by hybrid financial, information, special forces and conventional military struggle.


Next let us look at China’s position. The Chinese have been very successful with their peaceful win-win approach and have convinced over 100 countries representing about 80% of world GDP to join their Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. They have also done well with their 「One Belt and one Road」 (somebody should tell the Chinese 一路一帯 is better translated as 「one loop and one road.」) massive infrastructure initiative. They are also the worlds’ leading creditor nation.

接下來讓我們來看看中國的立場。中國以和平共贏的方法取得非常的成功,並且說服了佔世界GDP 80%的100多個國家加入亞投行。他們還在「一帶一路」方面做得很好(有人應該告訴中國更好地翻譯成「一環一路」)大規模的基礎設施倡議。中國也是世界上領先的債權國。

Militarily, the Chinese have identified the low hanging fruit as the countries on their border that do not have military alliances with Russia or the US, in other words, as mentioned last week, India, Indonesia, Thailand, North Korea and Malaysia which they could probably overrun in a matter of months. This would give them control over a little over 3 billion people.


Economically the Americans, despite being the most indebted nation in the history of the world ($18 trillion in external debt), still have many strengths. American corporations remain dominant in world commerce, for one thing. Plus, the US still holds a commanding (though quickly shrinking) lead in science and technology. The Americans also control most of the oil in the Middle East, although they have had to hand a large share over to the Russians as a bribe for their cooperation vis a vis Asia.


Militarily they still have by far the most powerful Navy and Airforce not to mention 800 bases in key locations around the world. This means they could choke off much of China’s access to the world’s resources. They also have the technical ability to kill most world leaders. Furthermore, they can count on powerful allies like Japan, Canada and the UK plus, to a much lesser extent, France and Germany.


The Russians, for their part, realize the European Union is collapsing and creating a vacuum that they can fill by cooperating with Germany and France to create a new, democratic European alliance that includes Russia. They also know that China is a wonderful customer for their energy and agricultural exports and a great source of cheap consumer goods. It is no wonder the Russian symbol is a two-headed eagle, one head looks East and one looks West. Naturally, they do not want to be forced to choose between either the West or Asia. Instead they are playing both sides off against the middle.
So, what we seem to have here is a Mexican stand-off. In this situation, the White Dragon Society has proposed a compromise that, apparently, is supported by the Asians.


The plan, as often mentioned in these pages, is to create a new meritocratically staffed future planning agency. The fact is the hybrid free market plus central planning model pioneered by Japan and emulated and improved upon by places like Singapore, South Korea and China, works better than the naked corporate capitalist greed based model that has caused so much economic hardship in the West. The only long term future planning in the West in recent years has been carried out by religious fanatics with an apocalyptic agenda. We should be planning not for the end of the world but for the rebirth of the world as a paradise.


If a fundamental agreement on control of the world’s financial system is reached, this agency could be given an annual budget of many trillions of dollars. With a budget like that, such an agency could literally end poverty and stop environmental destruction in a matter of months. After that it could carry out massive infrastructure projects, explore space, restore eco-systems, develop new technology etc. The actual work would be carried out by private corporations making competitive bids. As mentioned last week, the agreement with the Asians is that the first head of such an agency would be a Westerner but that the next person to head it would be an Asian. After that, the job would go to the most competent individual. Secret control of the agency would be split 50/50 between East and West.


The WDS would also convey a message from highly esoteric sources that 「despite provocations like Fukushima, certain precisely timed events, such as a blue moon that was actually blue, large meteorites hitting Russia, lightning bolts hitting the Vatican and Mecca, earthquake swarms in La Palma etc. were all nothing more than gentle warnings.」There will be a comet, a lunar eclipse and a 「snow moon,」 all occurring on February 10th.



The question is, were these events predicted long in advance or did the movements of the solar system suddenly change?



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